Rationale Behind Our Existence

iFarmer is an impact tech startup that has developed an innovative online platform that enables anyone in Bangladesh to easily sponsor in farming and livestock. Being a part of the iFarmer community is more than earning returns. It is a journey that we share. Like any other sponsorships, one must acknowledge that there are risks. It is time to be the architect of digitizing national agriculture and livestock production through iFarmer.

Will we really have surplus food supply for our future generation?

Feed the Ever-Growing Population

FAO predicts that by 2050 the global population will reach 9.1 billion with a major concentration in the developing nations. Urbanization will accelerate and about 70 percent of the world’s population will be part urban. In Bangladesh, there is an urban population of 30%, which is likely to increase up to 50% in the coming years. Meanwhile, the demand for high-quality organic agricultural food, especially from the middle-income group, gets higher day after day. iFarmer wants to be at the edge, solving this emmese upcoming crisis by creating a unique sponsorship journey opening for all.

Develop an integrated marketplace

iFarmer identifies crops with stable demand, pricing, and growth and connects farmers, landowners, sponsors, and crop buyers to create a complete farming supply chain. iFarmer provides the sponsors with a unique opportunity to directly impact a farmer's life and at the same time earn a high return on sponsorship. The decision to join our community brings our smallholder farmers a step closer to the hope of a better life. iFarmer is marketplace that helps underemployed farmers, underutilized land, and sponsors to produce high quality organic food and sustainable incomes with cloud-based agricultural management software.

Are we aware of the farmers hassels who produces food for us?

Does over 10,000 hectares of urban rooftops contributing anything to the society?

Create alternate food production source

According to Department of Agriculture, produce from rooftop farming can exceed Dhaka's demand by as much as over 10%. Most of these rooftops (both commercial and private) in the urban areas are not utilized properly, and there exists a great window of development and scope for business. People are willing to sponsor sustainable farming options when risk has been shared by both ends. There a lot of potential clients in the market with needed resources but due lack of to proper initiative all remain the same. iFarmer tries to make the best use of these unused rooftops by setting up farms with the intervention of newer technologies and modern practices.