iFarmer is an impact tech startup that has developed an innovative online platform that enables anyone anywhere in the world to easily sponsor in farming and livestock in Bangladesh.
You or your institution can join through an online registration or can register directly at an iFarmer office.
iFarmer can connect farmers, landowners, sponsors, and crop buyers to create a complete farming supply chain. We identify crops with stable demand, prices and growing characteristics. We find arable land and its farmers. We raise capital from urban people and we give the satisfaction to sponsors that their money is being used to grow healthy, nutritious food.
This depends on what you would like to sponsor, but generally consists of long-term land lease costs, the cost of seed, the cost of maintenance and related drugs when needed, including independent surveyor activities and administrative work within the iFarmer overall management system.
Each sponsor has evidence in the form of a Certificate of Ownership, which also explains the sponsored tree, complete with the location, number and contact details of the responsible person.
It can be both. You can sponsor planting of trees and the results will be submitted to parties entitled to schools, hospitals, institutions, or the development of science, or you can also ask to share the profit when the trees begin to bear fruit.