The total production of meat stands at 4.52 million MT nationally in 2014 against the demand for 6.73 million MT. The standard meat consumption should be 120 gm/ day ...

Sheep Farm

BDT 10000 per Cow

You can buy maximum 4 Cows now
Investment Policy

Profit Details
Months Net Profit Return on sponsorship
24 BDT 2000.0 20%
Payback 10000.0
Total 12000.0

Not convinced yet?

Team iFarmer understands the value of your time, faith and money. Our team continuously appraises your sponsorship for something much greater than monetary return.

Refund your Sponsorship

iFarmer allows you to take back your sponsorship within 1 week with 100% refund.

Risk Management

iFarmer team consists of sector experts with professional experience working in various high valued national and international projects.

Certificate of Ownership

Each spnosor will be provided with a Certificate of Ownership Farm (COF), which also explains the ownership of the tree with complete details.