Buffalo Farm - 1

Buffalo Farm - 1

BDT 80000/buffalo




Net Profit

12 Months


13200.0 BDT

Breed Murrah / Nili-ravi / Mediterrenean
Gender Male
Average Weight Approx. 200 KG to 200 KG
Sourced From Local Market
Location Pabna
Growth Timeline Approx. 11 months from the date of purchase


Buffalo is a potential animal for meat, milk and livelihood improvement and poverty reduction in dense populated country like Bangladesh. Although it is a source of milk and meat it is not getting attention for its improvement in livestock sub-sector of Bangladesh. The type of buffalo encompasses swamp, river, and various indigenous and their crosses with Murrah, Nili-ravi and Mediterranean. This species could be an excellent source of animal protein in Bangladesh with income generating farming approach.


The present study attempts to examine the scenario of buffalo production in SAARC countries. The buffalo plays a very important role in the SAARC countries which constitutes 73.77% of world buffalo population. The SAARC countries share 93.19% of world buffalo milk production where India and Pakistan contributes 67.99 and 23.96%, respectively. About 71.4% of world buffalo meat is produced in South Asian countries. Although, buffalo is an essential part of livestock in SAARC countries, it has never been addressed in Bangladesh and always neglected despite their important role in the national economy. In Bangladesh, the total buffalo population are 1.457 million heads that are managed in household subsistance farming and extensive bathan farming in saline coastal region that are used as a draught animal and partially for milk and meat production.


The livestock sub-sector is an important sub-sector of Bangladesh agriculture. It's contribution to the country’s GDP is about 2.5 percent. This sub-sector is also important from the perspectives of crop cultivation, food security, poverty reduction, nutrition, and employment generation in the country. Buffalo occupies a significant position as an animal genetic resource in the pre-dominantly agro-based farming system in Bangladesh.


We do not contrast against breeds; however, our expert team of professionals in Pabna carefully selects buffalo based on their ability to gain weight when fed a certain quantity of natural feed. Once the Buffalo is selected, the designated farmer will rear it for one year in total. We expect to sell the buffalo at meat weight to the local farm buyers and yield the return in 365days time.


The funder will be receiving a yielded return after 12 months (365days), and at the end of the investment tenure, the funder will receive profit and actual funding amount.

Investment Policy
Profit Details
Months Net Profit Return on funding
12 BDT 13200.0 16.5%
Payback 80000.0
Total 93200.0

What should be my expectation from Buffalo Funding?


On completion of your funding, you will be allocated a buffalo and issued an ownership certificate bearing your name and the unique number of your buffalo on a specific farm. Then iFarmer will work as your buffalo portfolio manager for a fixed time period, and before the contract period ends you will receive your basic fund along with dividend.


What iFarmer offers as my Buffalo Portfolio Manager?


Team iFarmer purchases the buffalo for you, bears the cost of management, provides insurance for death or loss, maintains the farm, grass - which is the food for the buffalo, supplementary feed and, medicine and vaccinations.


What happens if my buffalo dies/is stolen/farm destroyed?


iFarmer has a team combined with agricultural, livestock and relevant industry experts who are dedicated to counter any unavoidable circumstances within their best capacity. However, if the ecosystem goes beyond our control we will deliver relevant supporting documents (such-postmortem report) to justify your loss. We strongly advise our funders to should insure their farm when they select and pay the farm funds. We have currently partnered with the country`s leading insurance company Green Delta Insurance Company (GDIC).


What will be the mode of payment and how are you going to disburse it?


Once the life cycle ends you will receive your basic fund amount and dividend in your designated bank account.


Is the return amount fixed? or can that vary?


No, it’s fixed return we are offering to our funders.


How many buffalos can a person buy?


One person can buy a maximum of 04 buffalos or on shares worth maximum BDT 3,20,000.


Can anyone fund from outside Bangladesh?


Yes, but the funder needs to have a valid bank account in Bangladesh.


Does the price of buffalo increase over time?


Yes. The price of buffalo meat today is double what it was five to seven years ago. It is, therefore, safe to forecast that the value of your buffalos will also grow in the same measure over the next few years. Your fund also grows with the growth of the physical weight of the buffalo over time as well as the general appreciation in the price of buffalo meat. This is why buffalo is a great store of wealth.


Can I visit the farm/ farmer managing my buffalo?


Yes you may. You only have to inform us in advance to ensure that you get the best welcome possible.


What are the benefits of funding in iFarmer?


There are many benefits but here are the mentionable ones:

  1. You are contributing to food security by funding in agriculture.
  2. The buffalo eat grass and grow regardless of local and world politics.
  3. You are creating jobs where they are needed the most.
  4. You make a good return on your money whilst enjoying all of the above benefits.

Not convinced yet?

Team iFarmer understands the value of your time, faith and money. Our team continuously appraises your funding for something much greater than monetary return.

Refund your Funding

iFarmer allows you to take back your funding within 1 week with 100% refund.

Risk Management

iFarmer team consists of sector experts with professional experience working in various high valued national and international projects.

Certificate of Ownership

Each funder will be provided with a Certificate of Ownership Farm (COF), which also explains the ownership of the buffalo with complete details.