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Create Wealth

By Owning Assets As They Grow on a Farm


Farmers Win

Combining finance, technology and market access

BDT 30.6 M

Finance Facilitated


Registered Farmers


Farmers funded


Registered Farm Owners

BDT 11.1 M

Return for Farm Owners

BDT 62.3 M

Farm Produce

Our Farms
BDT 49,000 per Cow

Shadhinota Farm


12 month contract period with 26% return on sponsorship

BDT 40,000 per Cow

Cow Farm Lalmonirhat-3


12 months contract period with 22% Return on sponsorship.

BDT 30,000 per Cow

Cow Farm Kurigram-3


12 months contract period with 18% Return on sponsorship.

How It Works

1. Fund Your Account

Download our App or use the website to purchase agri-cultural assets by transferring funds into your iFarmer account.

2. Purchase Your Assets

Once there are funds in your account, we'll start sending you purchase opportunities for new assets like cattle as they become available.

3. Watch Them Grow

Monitor your virtual farm on iFarmer`s online dashboard and receive reports on your assets' value and performance.

4. Receive Your Returns

When your assets reach maturity and are sold, the proceeds are deposited in your iFarmer account where they can be withdrawn, held, or reinvested in new opportunities.

Awards & Recognitions

Impact Stories

Mossamat Minu

Meet Minu, a livestock farmer from Srirampur, a beautiful village in Patgram, Lalmonirhat. Through iFarmer, which provides easy access to capital for underprivileged farmers by connecting them with potential farm sponsors, Minu has been able to reach a sustainable financial solvency. This allowed her to fend for her family and live a better life overall. Minu explains how she used to be burdened by the interest on loans earlier and... see more


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Mar 25
3 min read
Transforming agriculture finance in...
Jan 28
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What People Say About Us?

"In the market systems development private sector engagement in creating access to alternative financing is a critical but often overlooked component. i-Farmer takes the challenge, and invests at the bottom of the pyramid. This makes it a unique super venture."

Sadruzzaman Noor (Tamam)

Market Development Specialist, SDC Shomoshti Project, Extreme Rural Poverty Programme, CARE Bangladesh

"Being a Business professional, I tend to look out for better investment options, but unfortunately, there are very few options available that can meet general expectations. iFarmer is unique because of its ease of participating in agribusiness, transparent communication, and obviously generous return."

Wahid Bari

Proprietor, SMART

"We like how iFarmer is giving its customers an innovative option to empower rural Bangladeshi farmers as well as earn a generous return. We believe that iFarmer will continue to impact the lives of many and contribute to an inclusive Bangladesh."

Saif Kamal

Founder, Toru Institute Of Inclusive Innovations

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