Frequently Asked Questions

iFarmer is an agri-tech platform with innovative financing model and integrated supply chain solution that connects farmers with access to finance and markets. We enable any individual or institutions to buy farming and agriculture, support farmers with knowledge and training and provide market access for the farmers' produce.

iFarmer empowers farmer and small/micro agri entrepreneurs by providing access to capital through connecting them with farm funders, training on best farming techniques, sales of farm produce to boost the quality and quantity of their farm production and also provide a healthy earning after harvest for both farmer and funder.

We are a team of passionate men and women, who have years of experience in the Agriculture, Finance and Technology sector. Our common goal is to find ways to create positive impact on rural farmers, contribute to the growth of food production, improve food security in Bangladesh, and to ensure more investment in the Agriculture sector to enable us to feed the growing population of Bangladesh.

You as an individual or organization can join through our website by completing the registration using your Gmail/Facebook account or can register directly at iFarmer office.

After you have signed up on our website to create your own personalised iFarmer profile, you can then select a farm of choice to buy. You buy the farm, pay the buying amount and at the end of the stipulated farm cycle, you will receive a percentage of the earning after the sales of produce and also your initial buying capital.

Each fund has evidence in the form of a ‘Farm buying Certificate” or a “Certificate of ownership” sent to them through email, which also explains the ownership of the asset and iFarmer’s responsibility as an asset manager. In addition, an invoice will be issued right away in an individual’s/organization’s email after payment has been made. For every transaction through a cheque, a money receipt is provided to the issuer along with all other documents mentioned above.

Depending on the farm you select, the cycle can run from 4 months to up to 12 months. At the end of the farm cycle iFarmer facilitates the sale of the livestock/crop and give you your earnings within the stipulated time as mentioned in the certificate.

Earring  is based on a earning-sharing criterion and will depend on the farm you are buying. For example, if you are buying a cow farm with 22% earnings, at the end of the farm cycle you will receive a total of your principal amount plus the 22% earnings on your principal amount.

The initial buying amount and earnings after sales of the produce will be paid into the account details provided by you when you register your profile. You can click on 'edit profile' on your dashboard to update your bank details and other information.

We have enlisted, verified and trained 1000 farmers till now who are experienced and trained farmers for cattle rearing, fish farming , poultry and crop production who will look after your bought farms under iFarmer’s supervision. We will continue to add more trained and verified farmers in our network to ensure that your investment is safe and earns a healthy earnings.

A farm manager will be assigned to you and you can reach out to your designated farmer through your farm manager.

iFarmer has agricultural experts who are dedicated to counter any unavoidable circumstances within their capacity. However, in any given situation where the risk cannot be mitigated, we will provide you with necessary documents such as post mortem/death certificate. We strongly advise that if applicable you should insure your farm when you select and pay the farm fund. We have currently partnered with Green Delta Insurance Company Limited.

iFarmer has partnered with Green Delta Insurance and more are on the way to provide insurance cover for all existing farm projects, so that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the buyer’s capital can be refunded. To learn more about the insurance coverage please talk to our team.

You contribute by eliminating the need for loans which come with high interest. This is a burden our farmers have been carrying for ages and with your help through iFarmer, they can move towards a better standard of living.

The quantity varies. Please check specific farms or contact us @ 01302536026 or

You can pay through our secure online system or issue a cheque in favor of i-Farmer Limited.

Yes, you may. You must inform us in advance to ensure that you get the best welcome possible.

To learn more about Shariah Compliant farm please click here.