Exclusive Goat Farm 3
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Exclusive Goat Farm 3





Net Earning

6 Months

7.5 %




2 unit/booking

0 Unit

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 **maximum 2 unit

 **remaining 21 unit


Black Bengal/Jamunapari



Average Weight

Approx. 08-14 KG

Sourced From

Local Market/Farm




Goat farming not only makes a vital contribution to household food and nutrition security but can also foster economic security, generate employment for local women and act as a family safety net during times of crisis.

Goat is well integrated in the farming systems of the small and marginal farmers of Bangladesh due to low capital requirement, easy handling and ability to adapt in versatile environmental conditions. Goat rearing can offer more opportunities to the developmental agencies for their further intervention in micro credit, extension and marketing support especially to rural women, landless and small farmers.

Goats reared in Bangladesh are mostly Black Bengal reputed for its prolificacy, fertility, early sexual maturity and adaptability to hot-humid environment. There are some Jamunapari and other cross breeds available in the country. Goat value chain study in Bangladesh is essential with particular attention to their contribution as meat animals in the national economy.  Goat population in Bangladesh has been reported recently (2015- 2021) to be 25.43 million. Goats are valued for their contribution in the national economy of Bangladesh due to:

(i) Meat for human consumption from castrated male (‘khasi’) in particular.
(ii) Skin for earning foreign currency irrespective of the type of goat.
(iii) Increase of income and poverty reduction for small holders
(iv) Employment generation in rural areas
(v) Cash income for empowerment of women. 


For people who are interested to be part of this farm, the value of per unit would be BDT 1,10,000, the unit price included the purchase of eleven (11) Goats, provide vaccination, ensure feed cost and supervision for 180 days, the farmer intends to yield a projected earning of  7.5% which will be distributed at maturity.

Investment Policy
Profit Details
Months Net Profit Return on funding
6 8250.0 7.5%
Payback 110000.0
Total 118250.0

What should be my expectation from Goat buying?



Team iFarmer purchases the production from the farm on behalf of the ‘buyer’ in the designated farm in advance and ensures proper management against risk and also provides a 360-degree regulatory service for the farm.


On completion of your buy payment, you will be allocated with total production of one farm, based on the availability in the project location and issued an ownership certificate bearing your name and the unique number of the share only for one production cycle.  


Afterwards, iFarmer will work as your portfolio manager for a fixed time period, and before the contract period ends you will receive your basic buy along with the offered dividend.


What iFarmer offers as my Goat Portfolio Manager?


Team iFarmer purchases the production from the farm on behalf of you in advance and ensures proper management against risk and provides a 360-degree regulatory service for the farm.



What happens if my goat dies/is stolen/farm destroyed?


iFarmer has a team combined with agriculture production, aquaculture, livestock, agriculture supply chain, and relevant industry experts who carefully select each farmer and are dedicated to addressing any unavoidable circumstances within their best capacity during the production tenure. The iFarmer team works relentlessly to reduce the market risk (production quality, market access, price volatility).


However, for any such incidents which fall under the clauses of Force Majeure (i.e. including but not restricted to acts of God, acts or omissions of any government, or agency thereof, rebellion, insurrection, riot, sabotage, invasion, quarantine, restrictions, strike, lockout, and transportation embargoes), iFarmer will give written notice to the customer for its inability to perform.


What will be the mode of payment, and how are you going to disburse it?


Once the life cycle ends, you will receive your basic buy amount and dividend in your designated bank account.



Is the earning amount fixed? Or can that vary?


No, it’s a projected earning we are offering to our buyers.



How many goats can a person buy?


One person can buy a maximum of 3 units worth a maximum of BDT 3,30,000.



Can anyone buy from outside Bangladesh?


Yes, but the buyer needs to have a valid bank account in Bangladesh.



Does the price of goat increase over time?


We purchase the production of each farm before the produces are market-ready, with the help of our expert team we collect the produce when it’s ready and sell it to our B2B partners to ensure the buyer a better earning.



Can I visit the farm/ farmer managing my goat?


Yes you may. You only have to inform us in advance to ensure that you get the best welcome possible.  For details, please check: https://www.ifarmer.asia/en/terms_of_services



What are the benefits of buying in iFarmer?


There are many benefits, but here are the mentionable ones:

  1. You are contributing to food security by helping a farmer.

  2. The buffalo eat grass and grow, regardless of local and world politics.

  3. You are creating jobs where they are needed the most.

  4. You make a good earning on your money whilst enjoying all of the above benefits.

Not convinced yet?

Team iFarmer understands the value of your time, faith and money. Our team continuously appraises your funding for something much greater than monetary return.

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Refund your Funding

iFarmer allows you to take back your funding within 1 week with 100% refund.

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Risk Management

iFarmer team consists of sector experts with professional experience working in various high valued national and international projects.

certificate of ownership

Certificate of Ownership

Each funder will be provided with a Certificate of Ownership Farm (COF), which also explains the ownership of the unit with complete details.