iFarmer: The Bridge Between the Field and the Stores

Team iFarmer, ১৯ অক্টোবর

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iFarmer: The Bridge Between the Field and the Stores

It's a really simple equation. Farmers want a reliable and efficient way of selling their products at a fair price and businesses need an efficient supply chain that gives them the best products at a reasonable cost. However, due to the pandemic, it has been really difficult to maintain and optimize supply chains that connect the farmers and the businesses. Luckily, iFarmer makes the job easier for businesses and farmers struggling to stay afloat in these troubling times.

iFarmer is continuously working towards creating an impactful network of farmers and agricultural MSMEs. It aims to create Bangladesh's most efficient and largest agriculture finance and supply chain platform and improve the lives of the farmers, retailers, businesses and consumers in a meaningful way.

Using the power of the internet, iFarmer has connected farmers to markets and businesses in a reliable way. The platform allows anyone to fund a farm they prefer. These funds go into hiring and training farm owners and enhancing their farms. iFarmer facilitates and provides guidance to the farmers for managing their farms and buying agriculture inputs & machinery. Even on the supply end, they receive expert guidance on selling and marketing their products. By empowering them on the ground, iFarmer ensures their yield and quality of production remains at an optimal level and they have a pathway to sustainability.

iFarmer has a target of signing up to 100,000 farmers within the next 3 years; 80% of them being small and micro farmers and female farmers who grow vegetables and raise livestock in their own homes. They will be directly linked to various retailers, distributors, super shops and e-commerce platforms creating a strong network.

So how does your business benefit from this? By optimizing supply chains, iFarmer connects your business with reliable suppliers and makes the concept of middlemen obsolete. You can get whatever you need directly from the source at reasonably low prices and the best possible quality. You save money, you save time and most importantly, you save the quality of the products and the dignity of the farmers.

All the products can be easily traced back as farmers drop off their products at designated collection points and from there, the products make their way to online and offline retailers within 15 hours. With fresh products available in bulk, sourcing groceries have truly become easier, creating a win-win situation for both farmers and businesses.

In everything iFarmer does, farmers are always kept at the center of all activities. The mission here is to increase farmers' income and improve their livelihood by providing bundled services of finance, access to inputs, timely advisory and access to the right markets through a strong multi-channeled B2B platform.

From the farms and fields to your doorsteps, iFarmer is there to make an impact.