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কৃষকের গল্প #১

আইফার্মার টীম, 2019-03-13

Mst. Minu

"Meet Minu, a livestock farmer from Srirampur, a beautiful village in Patgram, Lalmonirhat. Through iFarmer, which provides easy access to capital for underprivileged farmers by connecting them with potential farm sponsors, Minu has been able to reach a sustainable financial solvency. This allowed her to fend for her family and live a better life overall. Minu explains how she used to be burdened by the interest on loans earlier and how difficult it was for her to arrange these loans due to her absence of credit rating. She has a lovely family where her husband, Mr. Siddique Mia works on the field as a farmer and her son, who is now 7 years old goes regularly to school. She also has a daughter who got married few years back at an early age due their severe financial crisis back then. Minu and her family where like most farmers in the country, suffering from the wrath of poverty, unable to find an easy and effective way to a better living. iFarmer aims to fill this void faced by many smallholder farmers by connecting them to city dwellers who have the will and ability to involve themselves in farming but do not have the expertise or cannot afford the time to do so. By bridging this communication gap and creating a channel through which both farm sponsors and farmers looking for easy access to capital are connected and mutually benefited, iFarmer hopes to develop and impact the agricultural landscape of Bangladesh. iFarmer has been a beacon of light for Mosammat Minu and her family. Today, she sees a bright future for her son and has little to worry about any outstanding loan interest or a secured future for her family."