Partnership with Department of Livestock in Kurigram

by iFarmer Limited, 03 May

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Partnership with Department of Livestock in Kurigram

Almost 70% of the population in Bangladesh lives in Rural areas including Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. However when most (not all) new businesses and startups are built targeting the Urban population, iFarmer is going hyper-local!

As the countries GDP is growing at a fast pace, the rural economy is also thriving and there is increasing demand for food from the growing number of middle income people in these localities.

Due to the countrywide lock-down our supply chain of cattle got disrupted as our meat processing partners are not operating in full scale and transportation is a challenge. So iFarmer adapted to the situation and in partnership with Department of Livestock in Kurigram (one of the northern most districts in Bangladesh) has started processing and selling meat directly to local customers produced by local farmers. Thus also ensuring income for our cattle farmers during a time when life is getting more difficult than ever before.

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