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We aim to deliver advisory services to the farmers using innovative technology such as IoT sensors, remote sensing and machine learning solutions to measure and monitor key parameters and offer customized advisory for crop farming, fisheries and livestock & dairy farming

Fitbit For Dairy Cattle

Cowdy monitors cows health, activity and heat cycle in real-time, and provides timely recommendations to the farm owners. This helps farm owners to save money and time and also increase their income.
Install the Cow Router
Our easy to install Cow router is completely solar powered and can be installed by anyone in just 20 minutes. It connects with all Cowdy devices within a 2 mile range and uses cellular connectivity to pass this information to our servers.
Installation of Cowdy
Tie the strap on the cow’s neck. The Cowdy device comes with a strap designed to comfortably fit around your cow and a small magic box that measure temperature, activity and cow behaviour. The installation process is extremely easy and takes just a few minutes. As soon as that is done, Cowdy will start transmitting live data to your interactive dashboard.
Monitoring and Notifications
The data sent by your cows undergoes our proprietary machine learning based algorithms to bring you the best actionable recommendations. You’re prompted every time there is a health alert or your cow shows any disease symptoms or enters into heat or pregnancy.

Key Features

Heat Detection

Leave estrus detection to us & simply get notified on your phone. Increased lactation periods ensure higher profit generation from your dairy farm!

Health Alert

Get health alerts based on cow vitals and actionable recommendations to save treatment costs & potential revenue loss due to falling milk yield.

Disease Detection

Worried about disease outbreaks? We detect early disease symptoms and notify you ahead of time to reduce treatment costs & keep your cows healthy!

Get Alert 24/7

The data sent from the cows gets combined with expert knowledge base and years of experience. Farmers are notified every time there is a health alert or the cow shows any disease symptoms or enters into heat.

Monitor from Anywhere

Cowdy keeps a track of your cows 24/7 without ever getting tired. Get rid of inefficient labour, reduce operational costs & increase your profits!

Easy to Setup

Cowdy Router can be installed by anyone in just 10 minutes. Uses cellular connectivity to pass this information to our servers. Almost No maintenance is required.

Intelligent Soil Sensor

Intelligent Soil Sensor can monitor and analyze soil fertility, pH and Moisture in real-time, in a fast and affordable manner. ISS can help manage soil fertility during growing season and in the field, even in remote areas. Combined with weather data ISS can improve productivity and reduce chances of crop loss.
Analyse and Monitor your soil
The Agri MSMEs can download our app. Sign up directly in the app and fill out their personal information, answer a few questions and share transactional data and apply for the loan.
Smart Applications
Our proprietary credit scoring algorithm uses a combination of alternative data, business transaction data and personal data to provide a unique credit score for the Agri MSMEs
Make better decisions
We ensure that the MSMEs and the lenders are fully informed about the details of the transactions and have access to the data and information required to make an informed decision

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