Business Planning and Optimization Manager
হোম     ক্যারিয়ার     Business Planning And Optimization Manager

আইফার্মার একটি পুরষ্কারপ্রাপ্ত কৃষি-ফিনটেক ব্যবসা যা ক্ষুদ্র চাষীদের জন্য উদ্ভাবনী আর্থিক সেবার উপর দৃষ্টি নিবদ্ধ করে। আইফারমার কৃষি দক্ষতা, কৃষিবিদ্যা শিক্ষা, রিমোট সেন্সিং, এবং মোবাইল ফোন ব্যবহার করে অর্থায়ন, উচ্চমানের কৃষি উপকরণ, খামার উপযোগী পরামর্শ দেয় এবং বাজারে প্রবেশাধিকার তৈরি করে যা লক্ষ লক্ষ কৃষকের লাভজনকতা উন্নত করতে পারে।
আমরা "কৃষি অর্থায়ন এবং সরবরাহ শৃঙ্খলকে গণতান্ত্রিক" করার মিশনে আছি।.
আইফারমার কৃষি মূল্য শৃঙ্খল জুড়ে একাধিক স্টেকহোল্ডারদের সাথে ঘনিষ্ঠভাবে কাজ করে। আমরা UNCDF, UNESCAP, Asia Accelerator, Falcon Ventures, Startup Bangladesh, UNDP Youth CoLab, Acumen, এবং আরও অনেক কিছুর মতো সংগঠন দ্বারা সমর্থিত।
Output Market (Institutional Sales)
কাজের বিবরণী

Process Development and Documentation:

  • Document the current business models, and process flow and access the opportunities for optimization.
  • Develop and review current SOPs, and also add changes when necessary.
  • Work closely with HOD and Growth Team for day-to-day Team performance analysis. Regularly monitor business performance and generate performance reports for management (Weekly/ Monthly).
  • Develop product and pricing strategies for the Institution's Market Operation.
  • Work closely with different teams (accounts, product, growth, data) to develop real-time dashboards for management visibility.
  • Research product trends and market demand, and develop strategies for new product lines to improve category performance.
  • Monitor, manage and make sure transactions are analyzed financially and are profitable in the medium to long term
  • Develop and document the GTM strategies and develop a roadmap for each product on the basis of location and market. Conduct market research and generate data and insights on key market directions and trends.
  • Quality Control of regional operations as per centrally devised business process.

P&L Management:

  • Understand the Contribution Margin process for the entire category. Ensure visibility and justify the cost breakdowns.
  • Develop margin forecast based on location and product and own the margin projection.
  • KPI
  • Develop separate SOPs for forwarding and backward market operation.
  • Documenting current margin blockers. Develop an optimization roadmap for an increase in margin.
  • Develop an operation roadmap for each product focusing quarter by a quarter increase in market share.

We are looking for a Business Planning and Optimization Manager who will lead the business model development, and documentation reporting for the Institutional Market Operation. He/She will work closely with different teams to solve business problems using primary/ secondary market research, consultation with domain experts, or undertaking multiple pilot projects depending on the organization's requirements.

The Business Planning and Optimization Manager will work closely with the Output Cluster Lead (Institutional Market Operation) for product/ business model development, and develop and implement backward and forward market SOPs. The individual must project and validate key business expansion modalities, and targets, conduct secondary research, and documentation for the vertical’s business models and performances.

It is a varied role that requires the individual to be a problem solver with a flexible approach to working. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a small close-knit team working on an innovative business model. The responsibilities of the Business Planning and Optimization Manager include overseeing the overall business operations, documentation & reporting strategic planning, and optimization of P&L with increasing revenue & margin growth.

  • Strong knowledge of supply chain management and business reporting.
  • Preferably 2-5 years of working experience in Supply Chain Management
  • Minimum Graduation completed in Business/ Economics/ Supply Chain Management.
  • Highly analytical and data-driven, but also have a passion for creativity and forward-thinking flair.
  • Good understanding of financial concepts and budgeting.
  • Effectively collaborates with and across teams, and seeks and provides constructive feedback.
  • Curious – constantly questioning, always probing, and never blindly accepting.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in Bangla and English Planning and developing short and long-term sales goals for the operation vertical.
অন্যান্য সুযোগ সুবিধা
  • Salary review: Once in a year
  • 2 weekly holidays
  • Group Insurance
  • Transportation Facility
  • Hospitalization benefits
  • 2 yearly festival bonuses
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Jan 20, 2023
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If you think you are fit for this role, you are requested to send your updated CV to by mentioning "Application for Business Planning & Optimization Manager" in the subject line. 

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