Farmer Story #13

Team iFarmer, 2022-01-02

Halima Begum

iFarmer always tries to channel their efforts into making farming more inclusive for all categories of people, especially marginalised farmers. Additionally, for the rural female population of Bangladesh, who face many social and economic barriers, iFarmer tries their utmost into facilitating farming scopes and providing the resources they need. That is why almost 52% of iFarmer's registered farmers are women. Let us hear from one of many such women, Ms. Mosammot Halima Begum. She is a hard working and dedicated cattle farmer. With the much needed assistance from iFarmer, she has been able to buy cows for her farm. She also looks forward to increasing her farm size by taking further support from iFarmer in the near future. iFarmer successfully is able to provide motivation to carry on farming to many more women like her!