Building and Maintaining A Cattle Farm

by iFarmer , 29 May

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Building and Maintaining A Cattle Farm

One of the leading business ideas in Bangladesh is to start a cattle farming business. Establishing a cattle farming business in Bangladesh is tough since it requires a large amount of capital, manpower, and other resources, all of which must be managed well. To start a cattle farm takes a lot of money, significantly more than starting a meat farm.  

Farm planning should be the general arrangement of a farm before and after its take-off.  Factors that affect cattle farming are cattle supply, market changes, cost of inputs, weather, and price of substitute goods. Whole farm planning of farms helps farmers to reach their goals and enhance natural resources and the environment also. 

Know-hows before starting Cattle Farming Business in Bangladesh-

- SWOT Analysis & Business idea 

- Consulting with the Professionals 

- Program for Cropping and Feeding 

- Plan for Waste Management 

- Investment 

- Research into the market 

- Cattle collection 

Writing a business plan with a potential management system is required for any type of firm. Investing in Labor and Human Resources, as well as places and products and market potential. 

Apart from farmers, consultation with veterinarians, nutritionists, agronomists, bankers, extension educators, and others who can offer varied viewpoints on dairy management should be done. 

Whether feeding in a total mixed ration, grazing cattle, a combination of both, dairy cattle require a specific set of nutrients to support themselves. Cows are fed mainly grass, rice, rice husk, khail, pulses. Some other ingredients are also used in  making the feed nutritious which plays a major role in the organic fattening of cattle. Working with a nutritionist to develop feeds if these animals are to be grown on farms. As a result, many dairy farms use this strategy to produce the maximum milk. It's also worth noting that growing and harvesting crops requires equipment, and raising all of your own feed to necessitate both land and time. Hiring people to harvest while establishing a dairy business and building funds is also needed. 

In the dairy farming business, there'll be a lot of manure. While this manure is commonly considered to be waste, it may be a valuable resource on the farm if managed and used appropriately. 

It’s known that a dairy farming business requires a large investment. In the starting of business, you’ll need the big capital required to purchase everything. Thorough research on the potential market to understand the situation should be done. Then the research of cattle purchasing should be determined whether the animals are milking or meat-producing. 

Though cattle farming in Bangladesh is dominated by smallholders and treated as a side-line, the study's findings show that it is a profitable industry in the study area. To make it easier, agri-tech companies are financing livestock farmers, providing them with resources and advisory services, and helping them to sell their products directly to large-scale retail buyers. The productivity and profitability of dairy farming are positively influenced by dairy farm size, according to quantitative analysis results. As a result, favorable policy implications in farm modernization and breed management may contribute positively to dairy sector growth, which may help to reduce rural poverty, create jobs, and assure household nutrition and food security, particularly in rural Bangladesh.