Humans of iFarmer : Alo Rani

by Kashfia Mahfuz, 04 December

3 min read

Humans of iFarmer : Alo Rani


Alo Rani was just married young, when she lost her eldest son to a disease. Not long after, her husband passed away in a stroke. With their land in mortgage, hospital bills of nearly 7 lacs and her toddler, Alo Rani fell into a deep dark pit. Her eyes glistened with tears as she remembered those miserable days. But her face turned firm in seconds as she talked about how she held her head high and rose from the tragedy. Alo Rani understood that she needed to be independent and manage her household to make sure her only family, her son, has a better future – and that is exactly what she did. 

Alo Rani’s life has been a difficult one. Since all she knew was farming, she continued cultivating various vegetables in a small leased land. With whatever money she earned, she spent it all on her only living son’s education. At first, she had no idea how to connect to sellers, or manage the farming activities that were done by her husband. But with time, Alo Rani grasped the entire process – starting from hiring labor and buying agri inputs to selling the produce in local bazaars, she managed everything single handedly. People around her pitied her, thought of her as a widowed woman with no future. Underestimating her capabilities, her previous landlord ruined all her important documents in a dispute. But nothing stopped Alo Rani. She kept going without bowing down to anyone for help. 

Fast forward today, Alo Rani’s son is halfway through his HSC exams. Together with her son, she is planning to expand her farming and make a lychee garden beside her house. With iFarmer’s support, she plans to achieve these dreams of hers. She smiles as she expresses her gratitude saying, “With the money I received from iFarmer, I can grow my farm and earn more for my household.” People from the village also deeply respect Alo Rani, as they keep saying “Such people are found one in a million.”

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