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Farmer Story #2

Team iFarmer, 2019-04-16

Azgar Miah

"Azgar is a father, husband, son and a seasonal farmer in Azizpur, Patgram. Azgar’s produce ranges from corn, potatoes and varieties of other vegetables to rice and paddy. Azgar has 3 children; Two sons and a daughter. The other members of his family includes his father and his wife, Rabeya Khatun. Life has bestowed him with its utmost blessing until age caught up and he gradually became less productive in the field. The rising prices of goods and services has somewhat crippled him, and his son’s combined income turns out to be insufficient to run the expenses of the entire family. iFarmer, with its unique and revolutionary model of asset-sharing, has given farmer’s like Azgar a new hope. iFarmer supports small-scale farmers like Azgar Miah by connecting them to urban sponsors. The peer to peer platform allows farmers like Azgar to receive direct support from those who are able and willing to impact agricultural sustainability. In a different world, Azgar would have had to look for other costlier means to sustain his life which would adversely affect his already deteriorating health. Azgar is now looking after two cattle which requires minimum labor and can be managed from the comfort of his home. He and his wife can equally contribute, and they believe this asset-sharing model will help them to come out of poverty. In addition, they use the by-products to produce “dung cakes” which they use as fuel in their traditional stoves for cooking purposes. This allowed the family to cut overall cost from their regular expenditure."