Impact Stories

Farmer Story #10

Md. Juhurul Islam's Impact Story

In Bangladesh, Livestock resources necessarily encompass animal health care and welfare, quality production factors, and effective rearing to keep pace with expansion of entrepreneurship related to concerned industries. It plays an important role ...

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by Team iFarmer, 2021-03-13

Farmer Story #9

Alluvial Farmer's Impact Story

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. Which is mostly made of waterway alluvium. These alluviums are unconsolidated and non-homogeneous in age, surface, and mineralogy, and stored beneath differing conditions like estuarine, tidal, piedmont, and wind fl...

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by Team iFarmer, 2021-02-05

Farmer Story #8

মোঃ আব্দুর সাত্তার ও সাজেদুল পাবনা জেলার কৃষক

অর্থনৈতিক সুবিধায় প্রানীসম্পদ গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ভূমিকা পালন করে। প্রানীসম্পদ একটি দেশের সম্পদের একটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ অঙ্গ, এটি জনগণের বিশাল অংশকে সার, মাংস এবং দুধ সরবরাহ করে। মোঃ আব্দুর সাত্তার ও সাজেদুল পাবনা জেলার কৃষক। তারা উভয়ই আই ফার্মারের সহযোগি...

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by Team iFarmer, 2021-02-04

Farmer Story #7

Abdul Karim’s journey with i-Farmer

Who could have thought that a single visit to the local haat would change his life? Abdul Karim is currently living a simple happy life in Pabna with his wife after he married off his children. A carpenter turned farmer, he found a new directio...

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by Team iFarmer, 2020-11-18

Farmer Story #4

Selim Mia’s journey with i-Farmer

Selim Mia, a cattle farmer from Lalmonirhaat, Bangladesh, has over 6 years of farming experience. He joined iFarmer more than a year ago. Through the assistance that iFarmer provided its community of farmers, Selim Mia's hardships were reduced i...

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by Team iFarmer, 2020-09-30

Farmer Story #3

Charubela Roy’s journey with i-Farmer

Charubela Roy from Lalmonirhaat, Bangladesh has been a cattle farmer for 6 years. Before getting introduced to iFarmer, she used to depend heavily on local microfinance institutes (MFI) and family members for taking cattle related loans. Although ...

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by Team iFarmer, 2020-09-13

Farmer Story #2

Azgar Miah's journey with i-Farmer

Azgar is a father, husband, son and a seasonal farmer in Azizpur, Patgram. Azgar’s produce ranges from corn, potatoes and varieties of other vegetables to rice and paddy. Azgar has 3 children; Two sons and a daughter. The other members of his fami...

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by Team iFarmer, 2019-04-16

Farmer Story #1

Mossamat Minu's journey with i-Farmer

Meet Minu, a livestock farmer from Srirampur, a beautiful village in Patgram, Lalmonirhat. Through iFarmer, which provides easy access to capital for underprivileged farmers by connecting them with potential farm sponsors, Minu has been able to re...

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by Team iFarmer, 2019-03-13